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You will also need to consider what someone who disagreed with your thesis might say in response and try to counteract their argument before they can make it.If appropriate, it may well be worth conceding to, or finding common ground with, any opponents.It is your essay’s foundation, and everything else you will say in the essay rests on it.

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Begin your conclusion by restating your thesis, then your main points.

This is important to keep the information fresh in their minds.

You can use appeals to emotion, social validation, stories and anecdotes, as well as of course facts and logic to persuade your audience.

Think of the difference between a politician trying to persuade people to vote for him or her versus a scientist laying out the evidence they have gathered.

You should have at least three paragraphs’ worth of evidence for your argument, and if you do not, it’s likely that your thesis isn’t strong enough.

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If that’s the case, take a step back, and come up with ideas for a statement you feel strongly about, and take your topic from there.Once you’ve done this, then close with the idea of the action you want them to take, whether that’s a question for them to think about, a prediction of what might happen in the future, or a literal call for them to do something, like donate to a particular charity or sign a petition.Now you know how to write a persuasive essay, and are hopefully on your way to great grades.If you are not sure how to start persuasive essay, or feel you need prompts or samples of ideas, try looking at the news, whether local to your college or high school, or Aussie news in general.Use the techniques of making a checklist of questions or opinions you have about the world or about Australia, then proceed step by step through your worksheet.A persuasive essay is an important tool in an Australian student’s repertoire.It will be useful not only for your assignments, but sets a good foundation for your life outside of high school, VET, or university as well, when you may have to negotiate with bosses, persuade customers to purchase your amazing goods, or even calm down an upset child.Having seized your reader’s attention, you will need to define who that reader should be.Make the definition of your intended audience clear, whether that’s your teacher, your fellow students, cat owners, fans of Star Wars, or Pokémon collectors.It must be an essay devoted to the in favour of a particular topic.However, a persuasive essay has a wider range of resources available, as its only goal is to persuade the reader of the thesis.


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