A3 Problem Solving Examples

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One of the core tenets of Lean Thinking is Kaizen – continuous process improvement.It should answer the question, "What are we trying to do here?" An example of a theme might be, "Decrease patient transport time to diagnostic department." The background section includes any contextual or background information necessary to fully understand the issue.It may also be helpful to list the expected outcome of each task, as shown below.In the left-hand side, record the plan to measure the effectiveness of the proposed change: what will be measured, when, and who will do the measuring.What is A3, and what does it have to do with problem solving?A3 is a standard paper size, roughly 11”x17” — two letter-size pages, side-by-side.The steps of A3 Problem Solving follow the Deming Plan-Do-Check-Act (PDCA) cycle.Steps 1 through 5 are the “Plan” part of PDCA, Step 6 is the “Do,” and Step 7 includes the “Check” and “Act” portions of PDCA.A3 Management involves identifying problems and opportunities, analyzing and proposing solutions, and then acting on the solutions.In doing this it helps to align the various interests throughout an organization by encouraging communication and helping people learn from one another.


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  • Lean Manufacturing The ABCs of A3 Reports

    Lean Manufacturing The ABCs of A3 Reports. Shook calls this approach, which is captured in the simple structure of an A3 report, “the key to Toyota’s entire system of developing talent and continually deepening its knowledge and capabilities.” Toyota uses A3 reports for problem-solving activities, status reports and proposals.…

  • A3 Problem Solving -

    A3 is a UCLA Operating System 11x17 template used to document and communicate complex problem-solving using the Plan Do Check Act PDCA method Steps 1 -4 Plan, Step 5 Do, Step 6 Check, Step 7Act…

  • A3 Thinking A3 Problem Solving PowerPoint -

    The A3 Report is a much simpler alternative to problem-solving teams who find the traditional PDCA storyboard too time-consuming to create. In this training guide, you will learn the step-by-step A3 problem solving process from problem identification to resolution in a fashion that fosters learning, collaboration, and personal development.…

  • A3 Examples - A3Thinking

    The following example is what we term a problem solving type A3. Actual A3's are of course approximately 11x17 inches or the dimensions of. international A3 paper size. That size unfortunately does not work well with most computers or screen dimensions. In the interests of providing a.…

  • A3 problem solving - Wikipedia

    A3 problem solving. Example of worksheet used in "A3 problem solving" methodology. A3 is a structured problem solving and continuous improvement approach, first employed at Toyota and typically used by lean manufacturing practitioners. It provides a simple and strict approach systematically leading towards problem solving over structured approaches.…

  • A3 Problem Solving Template - Lean Simulations

    For some great examples of A3's, check out the A3 dojo at Download some A3 Problem Solving Templates below Since every problem is different, there are several basic A3 templates. I found a bunch of different A3 templates on the Oakland University website, home of the Pawley Lean Institute.…

  • Webinar Introduction to A3 Problem Solving -

    Now, what I really love about A3s is when you make the problem-solving and the thinking visible, it helps leaders help problem-solvers. So there are a lot of dynamics around using an A3 not just as a problem-solver but as leaders building problem-solving muscles.…

  • A3 Problem Solving Step 2 – Current Condition

    A3 Problem Solving Step 2 – Current Condition. First, the act of drawing a diagram helps the author come to a deeper understanding by forcing him/her to organize knowledge and learning gained from observation in a compact manner. Second, the diagram quickly and effectively communicates the core issues to others.…

  • An Introduction to A3 Problem Solving -

    Course Overview. A3 is a highly effective, but often misused Lean technique to streamline your problem solving process. This course is an overview of what an A3 is, how it is used, as well as how the “Plan Do Check and Act” PDCA Cycle fits with the A3 problem solving process.…

  • A3 Reporting and Problem Solving LeanProject

    A3 Reporting and Problem Solving. An A3 Report is often thought of as a format for making improvements in a simple, visual and concise way. When used fully, it’s a tool for process improvement and organizational transformation. The name A3 is derived from the designation for a ledger-size sheet of paper – in the US, we refer to is as 11X17.…

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