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Our goal is to evaluate how these practices can impact on firm performance and to extract factors, which regulate diversity adaptation process. Abstract: The working paper proposes an approach for a connection of knowledge processes.

With this purpose, the literature review was performed. Ontologies as an Instrument for Connecting Knowledge at Different Levels. Taking into account growing information overload and sustainability issues, knowledge infrastructure should be improved.

However, gamification is still emerging field of study and there is no established approach to gamified marketing surveys. The research literature provides different answers to the question what theories better explain the international strategies of state-owned companies, and whether traditional theoretical approaches are able to explain these strategies.

In this paper authors presented analysis of existing approaches to gamification and its suitability for marketing surveys creation. One of the dominant theoretical perspectives used in the analysis of international strategies of SOEs is the institutional perspective that explores the mutual influence of state ownership and institutional prerequisites of state-owned companies to international strategy.

This review presents the promising and underexplored research avenues that have the potential for further development. These findings made diversity one of the leading directions in the development of human resource management practices.

Our study is dedicated to exploring the application of talent management, as a part of human resource management, to women with respect to their specific features. Keywords and phrases: ontologies, knowledge processes, knowledge infrastructure.

Expected results imply the possible positive effect of TM development on brain drain problem at a country-level. While in general, we find that previous studies employing limited strategies to estimate leadership through performance analysis, such an approach is not universal, and consequently, the results will be far away from reality. The Role of National Diaspora for Internationalization of Emerging Market Firms: the Perspective of Chinese Business in Russia. This paper focuses on the impact of Chinese diaspora on Russian firms with Chinese employees. Balancing Exploration and Exploitation at Different Stages of High-tech Start-up Development: Evidence from Russia. Using longitudinal multiple case-study strategy, it tracks a vivid flow of start-up decisions and actions in-depth and over time through the series of rich interviews with founders of ten Russian high-tech start-ups and combines gained process data with the analysis start-up dynamics. Abstract: Ownership has long been a symbol of status in Russia but as the consumer behavior is getting changed in developed and developing countries due to digital transformation, Russia is not an exception anymore.

Rather, this research aims to leverage different theories into multilevel analysis framework with a multidimensional assessment approach to investigate leadership which is highly contingent upon not only three aspects of network relations, network structure, and organizational functions, but also some capacities and capabilities that make each organization eligible to be a leader in the supply network context. We analyze the literature about legitimacy measurement and extract factors that influence this construct in order to provide a scale. As a result, a theoretical model of the relationship between exploration-exploitation and firm performance at key initial stages of development is created. Socio-technologic Factors of Collaborative Consumption – Analysis of Sharing Economy Based Firm in Russia. There’s a paradigm shift in consumer behavior and collaborative consumption is leading this phenomenon.

It also contributes to the discussion of contingent and configurational perspectives on “KM/HRM management – performance” relationship. Differences Between Collaboration, Cooperation and Coordination in Supply Chains. The terms collaboration, cooperation and coordination are used for qualifying inter-organizational relationships. Keywords and phrases: consumer behavior, consumer decision-making, electronic commerce, trust, information. Keywords and phrases: brain drain; student migration; labor market mobility; talent management; emerging market strategies; Russia.

Additionally, the paper facilitates to the integration and mutual enrichment of KM and HRM research fields. The form of relationships between supply chain members must also match the task at hand. Abstract: The purpose of this working paper is to develop propositions based on the analysis of current literature on electronic commerce and its influence on consumer decision-making process. Abstract: Although the problem of talent migration (brain drain) is not new and many countries, especially emerging markets, experience it currently, there is no universal remedy for solving it.


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