All Quiet On The Western Front Research Paper

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After the Kaiser leaves, Paul becomes lost at night during battle and, while hiding in a shell hole during a bombardment, stabs a French soldier who falls in.

He watches as the man dies, desperately trying to help him by giving him water and dressing the wound he inflicted. He finds a picture of the man’s wife and child in his breast pocket along with letters.

Paul and his friends, hungry and tired, are delighted when their friend Katczinsky (“Kat”) returns after a search for food with two loaves of bread and a bag of raw horsemeat.

Kat, Paul explains, has always been uncannily resourceful.

The book is an account of Paul Baumer’s experiences in battle and his short career as a soldier, and it is primarily concerned with the effect of war on young men.

Its title, which is in the language of routine communiqués, is typical of its nonchalant terse style, which graphically records the daily horrors of war in laconic both as a vehicle for overwhelmingly realistic and graphic depictions of war and as a mode of underscoring the disillusionment of the period.Remarque tied his individual experience to something much larger and more abstract: the novel, while focusing specifically on the German-French conflict in World War I, expresses sentiments about the contemporary nature of war itself.The young men soon learn that the romanticized version of war that was described to them is nothing like the battlefields they encounter.The novel opens with the group having just been relieved from their position on the front lines.They are later sent to another village to help evacuate civilians. The novel then shifts away from Paul’s first-person perspective and ends with an announcement that Paul has died.During the evacuation, however, the French bombard the town, and Paul and his friend Albert Kropp are injured. Paul undergoes surgery and is sent back to the front lines. Kat is hit while searching for food, and, afraid that he doesn’t have time to wait, Paul carries him to the dressing station. The army report issued on the day of his death stated only this: All quiet on the Western Front.He visits Kemmerich’s mother, who questions him about her son’s death.After a difficult conversation with his own mother, Paul wishes he had never come on leave, believing that he has changed far too much to live as he once did.When he gets home, he learns that his mother has cancer.He feels disconnected from people he once felt close to, and he cannot understand the things that occupy their minds.


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