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By exploring and learning more about the artist who opened so many doors in the art world, one can see why looking at the surface of his works often meant seeing and understanding so much more about the society in which we live. Warhol's Campbell's soup cans are arguably some of his most famous works.

He challenged "old fashioned" critics to overcome their ideas of art as complex and incomprehensible by using simple, common images.

Warhol's selection of the soup can may be the most important part of the work he did with them.

I am going to do my personal study on Andy Warhol one of the most influential artist on the Pop Art movement.

I hope to produce a realistic and correct account of his life and will be investigating his obsession with fame and money and whether he was in the art world for the money.

The pop artist not only depicted mass products but he also wanted to mass-produce his own works of pop art. It was an art studio where he employed in a rather chaotic way "art workers" to mass produce mainly prints and posters but also other items like shoes designed by the artist.

Warhol's favorite printmaking technique was silkscreen. No other artist is as much identified with Pop Art as Andy Warhol. Warhol made his way from a Pittsburgh working class family to an American legend.Andy Warhol the American artist, photographer and filmmaker was born in 1930 in Pittsburgh as the son of Czechoslovak immigrants.He soon became one of New York's most sought of and successful commercial illustrators.In 1952 Andy Warhol had his first one-man show exhibition at the Hugo Gallery in New York.He wanted to display his view of America and to him eating Campbell's soup represented being American.Andy wanted to explore these common images that are part of our everyday lives, which we accept without hesitation.The Pop Arts' movement began in the late 50's and early 60's.Dubbed, the founding father of the movement, Andy Warhol brought forward society's obsession with mass culture and allowed it to become the subject of art itself.In 1956 he had an important group exhibition at the renowned Museum of Modern Art.In the sixties Warhol started painting daily objects of mass production like Campbell Soup cans and Coke bottles.


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