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Although most media outlets commit to objectivity, members of the party in power still have the perception that the press is trying to bring down their party’s administration.Regaining Americans’ trust Restoring faith in the press will be essential for the future of the country.

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If political polarization can be reduced, “erosion of trust in the press will probably [disappear] with that,” Baum said.

If the effects of Trump’s attacks on the media cannot be reversed, American democracy will suffer the consequences.

A majority cannot name an objective news source.”The President’s attacks have made it very difficult for the press to affect people’s view of his administration, and thus their votes.

“[Trump] has attacked the credibility of…mainstream journalism, presumably to neutralize their ability to hold him accountable, so any criticisms will be discounted, especially by his supporters,” Baum said.

“Were it left to me to decide whether we should have a government without newspapers, or newspapers without a government, I should not hesitate a moment to prefer the latter,” Thomas Jefferson wrote in a letter in 1787. Journalists remain the “custodians of conscience” in the United States, said Theodore Glasser, professor emeritus of communication at Stanford University, in an interview with the Glasser also added that what journalists report has ramifications in the political arena.

“Media sets an agenda; it tells the people what to think about,” he explained.

so we thought it was time to remind people about the importance of a free press,” Pritchard said in an interview with the HPR.

Over 300 publications around the country In order for the media to play its role as a watchdog, it relies on public trust; the people must believe the press in order to take action based upon its reporting.

A from July confirms the effectiveness of Trump’s tactics; it found that 91 percent of Trump’s “strong supporters” trust the President to give them accurate information while only 11 percent trust the media to play that role.

released in September found a divide between members of different parties in their trust of the media to act as a watchdog.


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