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Ap Language Synthesis Essay Prompt-4
The Advanced Placement (AP) English Language course aligns to an introductory college level rhetoric and writing curriculum.The AP English Free Response Questions (FRQ’s) are aimed to evaluate students’ ability to develop evidence-based analytic and argumentative essays that go through several stages, which is especially true of the synthesis FRQ.

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It will help cement your understanding of the source and will help you keep track of all of them.

As you are reading, circle and underline things that could be helpful to your later, like the words of the honor code in the first paragraph or the 157 students involved in the cheating scandal in the fourth.

Honor codes are ineffective at preventing cheating.

Often, the perception of the honor code varies from the intention of the honor code.

Each source is roughly one page and one of the sources is visual–a graph, chart, or photograph.

You have time to carefully read all of the documents that the AP Language synthesis FRQ provides.Fully comprehend them, and try to understand their meaning.A deeper understanding of the documents will help you much more than a few extra minutes of writing time.If you had to text your friend right before a test and tell them what this document was about, what would you say?Just write down one sentence or less that explains what the author said.But after you have finished reading, write a one-sentence summary near the top of the source. For this source, a good example would be a sentence like: “Despite emphasis on not cheating, elite private school caught up in cheating scandal.” The label at the top will help you keep track of the documents.The labels within the documents will help you pull the best evidence to support your arguments.It is written to sound as if it will be strictly enforced, but students do not perceive it to be.For example, when students from a small, public university were surveyed, 40% of them admitted to having violated the honor code and gotten away with it, and only 8% of them would report another student for having violated it.It will help you to come up with several ideas, pick an opinion, craft a good thesis, and sketch out a good outline.: Honor codes do not work because only 48% of survey respondents at a small public university believed the honor code was enforced fairly.Only 42% knew the range of sanctions that can occur and just 8% would report a fellow student for cheating.


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