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SMART Recovery is a support group for people suffering from varying types of addiction.Members can participate in face-to-face meetings worldwide and access digital resources such as a 24/7 chat room, message board and daily online meetings.The organization has an updated list of psychologists across the nation and what they specialize in.

Members have access to many self-help tools such as an online forum, conferences, booklets and DVDs.

When you’re ready to get help for an alcohol use disorder (AUD), your primary care physician can help you find the right treatment to fit your needs.

Through ASAM, you can learn about local treatment services, health professionals who specialize in alcohol recovery and the latest therapies that are available to heavy drinkers.

The National Association of Alcoholism and Drug Abuse Counselors (NAADAC) is useful for those who are interested in helping others overcome an addiction.

Your physician knows about your medical history and understands the best options for your recovery.

A health provider can not only diagnose alcoholism, but can refer you to top-rated rehab facilities and walk you through the recovery process.Individuals can attend meetings in person, online or via the phone to discuss the situations they are currently facing.Members advise one another on how to support and encourage a loved one to seek the treatment they need.Centerstone provides educational resources about alcohol prevention, excessive drinking and treatment options.Articles and topics cover alcohol-related statistics from research studies, the effects of heavy drinking and other risk factors associated with alcohol use disorders (AUDs).There’s also a list of topics – psychiatry, types of addictions and mental illness – that patients and families can learn more about.The ADAA is an organization that provides an array of resources about the effects of anxiety and depression.Oftentimes, alcoholism may co-exist with other mental health conditions such as bipolar, phobias and anxiety disorders.ADAA provides information about treating a mental health condition, debunks common misconceptions and publishes stories of recovery.Program chapters are located across the United States and internationally, and are open to recovering alcoholics and their loved ones.Designed with the family members and friends of alcoholics in mind, Al-Anon and Alateen are great resources for learning how to cope with someone’s drinking behavior.


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