Argumentative Essay In Penalty

The ethical debate is perhaps the most overwhelming part of the essay. How happy would criminals be without the capital punishment? Some believe imprisonment for a lifetime can be a really softer option.Given cases are proven based on evidence only, would it not be only logical to counter capital punishment because the accused may be innocent.

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We will remind you after all why society should refuse the death penalty. On the other hand I understand that it is inhumane and cruel. Yes, God gives life to people, therefore people have no right to take it away.

But there are cases when people have to be responsible for their acts.

It occurs in that case when the person himself takes away lives from others.

It is necessary to answer wholly for cruel murders, including children, mockeries at defenseless people, tortures.

According to international laws, this is a clear violation of the basic human right to live and choose.

Advocates also believe that enforcing death penalty to drug related cases will not ultimately solve the problem.

As of last year, 58 nations are still practicing capital punishment while 98 countries have totally abolished it for all crimes, 7 maintained it for war crimes, and 35 countries declared de facto or they haven’t applied it for more than 10 years.

Asia accounts for 90% of all the executions in the whole world.

Death penalty otherwise known as capital punishment is defined as the lawful practice of putting someone to death for crimes specified by the state.

This form of punishment has been practiced by most societies in the past and still exists in some countries today.


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