As English Literature Coursework Word Limit

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I don't take English Lit myself, but a girl in my form was complaing that the teacher made her cut hers down to one word below the word limit - have no idea if sh'e on AQA though. :s If its AS - 2500 words max (Or divided over two tasks) A2 -3000 words max ( or 1,500 on two).

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They must study one play, one novel or short-story collection and collection of poetry.Its objectives vary from one subject to another, but there’s usually an emphasis on the student conducting independent research into a topic of their own choice.Thus coursework often takes the form of some sort of investigation; it may, therefore, help to have your ‘detective’ hat on as you explore, investigate and analyse your topic.You can usually work on your coursework at home, though it’s sometimes completed under controlled conditions through sessions at school.To give you a better idea of how coursework varies from one subject to another, here are some examples: Before you start work on your coursework, it’s essential that you have a thorough understanding of the rules.If there’s something you’ve been working on for the course so far that you’ve particularly enjoyed, you may be able to focus more on this as part of your coursework.For science coursework, you’ll need to choose something to investigate that you can measure, change and control; it should be what’s called a ‘fair test’, meaning that you have to acknowledge all the controls you use in the experiment and why.We get 10% marks docked automatically if we submit a piece over the limit.If its AS - 2500 words max (Or divided over two tasks) A2 -3000 words max ( or 1,500 on two).Try not to pick a topic for which the scope is too vast, as you’ll struggle to research it properly and you’re unlikely to do it justice, and it’ll be hard to keep within the word limit.Ask your teachers for some guidance on choosing your topic if you’re not sure what to write about; they might even tell you a bit about what previous students have done to give you some inspiration.


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