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What should you do if your drive letter is missing? This post lists several ways to help you solve the drive letter is missing in Windows issue. Now, what should we do when drive letter is missing in Windows? Generally, drive letter A: is allocated to the first floppy disk drive , B: to the second floppy disk drive, and C: to the first disk partition where the running Windows is installed. When I open This PC, my drive letters are missing from Windows Explorer. A drive letter is a single alphabetic character A through Z that can be assigned to physical disk partition, floppy disk drive, removable device, CD-ROM, or even a mapping network drive in the computer.

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After getting a basic understanding of the second scenario, next, let’s see the third one.

We have said it is very easy to add or change drive letter for certain partition in Disk Management, but sometimes you may find such a strange situation where a specific letter is not shown in the list of available drive letters and no other device has that letter assigned.

If you have an i Phone, you can use it to store large amounts of data, connect to wireless networks when you're away from your computer and sync music, calendars and apps with your computer.

When you connect an i Phone to a PC, Windows 7 assigns a drive letter to the device.

If not, programs relying on the original letter might not work correctly.

If the original letter has been taken by new drive, change the letter of the new drive to another available letter and then allocate the released one for the target drive.Of course, the same issue can be found in other websites or forums since this is a quite common error. The following screenshot shows the 465GB NTFS partition on Disk 1 has the letter E: If I want to use the partition normally, I have to assign drive letter every time, which is so troublesome.After lots of searches on Google, I found this error often occurs on Western Digital hard disk, so it may be a bug of WD hard disk.The most probable reason may be that this letter is reserved for a removable device that was removed or is hidden.Under this situation, if you want to assign the very letter for the specific drive, you may need to make some modifications in Registry.At this time, the best solution is to unhide the partition by using third party program.If you failed to assign a letter for your drive in Disk Management, now try using Mini Tool Partition Wizard Free edition to unhide partition, which is a freeware for Windows home users. Select a letter for the partition and click "OK." Step 4.As we know, Disk Management is a Windows snap-in partitioning program designed to help Windows users manage disk and partitions.In Disk Management, every drive should have a drive letter, but sometimes we may find one or some of drives lose their letters like this: As a result, we are unable to access files saved in it directly, and all programs relying on the drive letter will be unavailable.However, as a slight mistake in Registry may cause data loss or system crash, it is very necessary to backup the registry before doing any modification.Then, launch Regedit, navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\Mounted Devices, and see if a device is shown as being mounted at the specific drive letter.


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