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It also gives you a chance to show how you want the prospective employer to read the rest of your experience.

It also gives you a chance to show how you want the prospective employer to read the rest of your experience.Never forget the purpose of this individually targeted resume.

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If you have an inside contact at the employer, you may want to contact them after a reasonable length of time has passed for an update.

You have put the time and commitment into the process to put your best candidacy forward.

Please do not start it with a lead sentence that says, “My name is XXXXX.” It makes sense to reference the position, but use the lead as an opportunity to offer a thesis statement on why you would be a great fit for the employer, and why you possess the skills and experience necessary to make a substantial contribution.

While I am asked all of the time for templates or examples or cover letters, I frequently politely decline.

Remember that once a job is advertised, it is open to all comers.

The employer should have taken the time to write a relatively detailed job description.Try not to absorb the slowness of the process as a likely rejection, as it can undermine your energy and your self-esteem.Understand that unfortunately, circumstances outside of your control frequently have an impact on the process.Here are some suggestions about improving the likelihood of garnering an interview by presenting the best documents that you can.While it would be simplest to write one generic resume and use it for all of your job applications, this is a mistake—but fortunately, it’s easy to correct.Better yet, write a unique summary at the top of your resume, after your name, that highlights how you meet the employer’s ask.A summary will give you the opportunity to demonstrate to the employer that you read the job description, and you are responding in three or four sentences how you meet or mirror the job requirements.If you submit a generic resume that fails to address the specified needs of the employer, you will not get an interview.If you think that you can address any possible shortfalls in your cover letter, understand that it is likely that the employer will never read your letter.The rest of this part of the process is outside of your control.The interview is your next opportunity to prove yourself as the best person for the job. Werner, principal of Werner Associates LLC, is a career and executive coach and law practice management consultant.


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