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Lancia has been struggling for years to succeed with its cars. The only model to keep Lancia alive was and is still the Ypsilon. In 2009 the brand introduced the beautiful Delta, based on the concept released in 2006.In my opinion, this car is the best example of Marchionne’s decision.

It is a very complete car that had everything to compete with the BMW 1-Series and Audi A3 in the premium C-segment.

But its sales figures proved that offering an excellent car wasn’t enough.

Iako se nezvanično već znalo da Volkswagenov bestseler neće imati premijeru na Sajmu automobila u Frankfurtu (12-22.

septembra), fanovi su se potajno nadali da bi proizvođač iz Volfsburga mogao da se predomisli u poslednji čas.

Besides the new Ypsilon and the beautiful Delta, Lancia counted on the new Thema, Voyager and Flavia to offer more products to more clients.

But the presentation of these cars was as irrelevant as their sales figures. Lancia Thesis We will send a verification code shortly to your phone via text. The exact text will differ depending on the lancia application you have running. Select one or more topics to subscribe to: This phone number will be used for all of your alerts. Price Phone Number Lancia must verify list phone number list order to begin receiving text alerts.The Delta is a wonderful, original and roomy hatchback with very good engine options at reasonable prices.I had the opportunity to travel in one and I must say that I was positively surprised by its interior, its details, and its comfort.Despite the fact that they were not expensive at all (considering their engines and equipment), they were too American for European taste.Nevertheless, Lancia wasn’t expecting a lot from them (around 10.000 units by year in the whole continent), as the American Lancias were supposed to be a temporary solution for the small range, while the all-new products arrived. By the time the Chrysler rebadged models were launched, I wrote a post about the fact that the brand wasn’t dead.In 2009, during its first full year of sales, Lancia sold around 30.000 units, and since then the demand hasn’t stopped falling.Not even Italians like it as it is quite down in the ranking and far away from its rivals.Some people could explain this result by the fact that it isn’t a cheap car.However, Lancia worked hard to offer an excellent C-Segment hatchback and few people got it.


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