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The doll really did look like a live baby from a distance. After I took the baby home in his car seat, I changed him into some really cute clothes because my friends and I were going out that night. Inside the body of this doll was a computer that was programmed to make periodic crying sounds.I was the only person who could stop the crying because I had the key. My friends came over, and we all piled into the car.

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This key, tied to my wrist, could be inserted in the doll’s back to stop the crying. It was kind of squished because we had the baby’s seat in there, too.

I had to treat the doll like a real baby because the computer inside also measured any abuse to the doll, such as shaking or neglect.

We finally got a table, and the waiter, not knowing I was carrying a doll, asked me if I needed a high chair.

I told him it was just a doll, but a high chair would be good.

One couple kept walking by our table just to get a look at my baby.

I think they were trying to figure out if the doll was an actual baby.” These people were giving me rude looks and forming judgments about me because they thought I was a teenage mom.Others just smiled at me sympathetically and felt sorry for me because I was only a child with a child.Teenage pregnancy is not accepted where I live and is definitely not the norm; many girls would hide their pregnancies if they decided to keep their babies.We went to the mall after we were finished eating, and I had to take Tyler with me.As the couple walked by, my friends and I started discussing how people so quickly judged me and assumed that I was the mother of the baby.We decided that we would probably do the same if we saw a teenage girl coming in with a child and a group of friends.He thought it was funny that I actually dared to bring a doll into the restaurant, so he brought a high chair, plus a red balloon for the little one.Again, during our meal, my friends and I received strange looks from the others in the restaurant.And although it was funny to my friends and me, some of the people did not think it was so funny that I had a baby.I overheard one couple say, “Why would she bring a baby here?


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