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"I should think you'd have had enough of bars." "I only stayed a minute. This was more difficult than he expected; he wanted to launch out into a long expostulation and explanation, but he only said: "The night I locked her out--" and she interrupted, "I don't feel up to going over that again." After a moment's silence Lincoln said: "We're getting off the subject.

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"I've stuck to it for over a year and a half now." "How do you find conditions in America? I'm in business in Prague, representing a couple of concerns there. "Remember the night of George Hardt's bachelor dinner here? And when Paul finally told him he had to pay, he gave him a bad check." Alix shook his head sadly. Now he's all bloated up--" He made a plump apple of his hands.

"No, no more," Charlie said, "I'm going slow these days." Alix congratulated him: "You were going pretty strong a couple of years ago." "I'll stick to it all right," Charlie assured him. " Alix lowered his voice confidentially: "He's in Paris, but he doesn't come here any more. He ran up a bill of thirty thousand francs, charging all his drinks and his lunches, and usually his dinner, for more than a year.

He had never eaten at a really cheap restaurant in Paris.

Five-course dinner, four francs fifty, eighteen cents, wine included. As they rolled on to the Left Bank and he felt its sudden provincialism, he thought, "I spoiled this city for myself.

But he wanted to see the blue hour spread over the magnificent façade, and imagine that the cab horns, playing endlessly the first few bars of La Plus que Lent, were the trumpets of the Second Empire.

They were closing the iron grill in front of Brentano's Book-store, and people were already at dinner behind the trim little bourgeois hedge of Duval's. But Paul was at his country house today and Alix giving him information. Charlie asked for the head barman, Paul, who in the latter days of the bull market had come to work in his own custom-built car--disembarking, however, with due nicety at the nearest corner.As he rang his brother-in-law's bell in the Rue Palatine, the wrinkle deepened till it pulled down his brows; he felt a cramping sensation in his belly.From behind the maid who opened the door darted a lovely little girl of nine who shrieked "Daddy! I haven't settled on a hotel yet." He was not really disappointed to find Paris was so empty.At the corner of the Boulevard des Capucines he took a taxi."We were a sort of royalty, almost infallible, with a sort of magic around us. Between the acts they came upon Duncan and Lorraine in the lobby where the band was playing. If you hadn't been in a sanitarium then, it might have helped matters." He had no answer.In the bar this afternoon"--he stumbled, seeing his mistake--"there wasn't a man I knew." She looked at him keenly. As always, he felt Lorraine's passionate, provocative attraction, but his own rhythm was different now. "I'll never in my life be able to forget the morning when Helen knocked at my door, soaked to the skin and shivering, and said you'd locked her out." Charlie gripped the sides of the chair.The main conflict in Babylon Revisted in the custody battle for Honoria Wales.Charlie Wales wishes to regain custody for his nine year old daughter from her appointed guardian and aunt, Marion Peters.


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