Biology Form 4 Essay Question

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Then you say as you can see my diagram to the right if you’re going to be talking about DNA for example and you just want to draw the Double Helix?Go ahead and say DNA has a Double Helix shape as you can see in my drawing to the right and maybe label it DNA Double Helix.I feel completely and utterly happy to show you how to use their own rules against them. I’m going to begin by first just talking about generically, how should you write an AP Biology essay? Be very careful one thing that will screw kids up is the use of pronouns like it because a lot of us get very clumsy with our pronouns.

Because, a lot of kids I’ve seen some essay questions, where 30 to 40% of the people don’t even attempt or answer.

Essays on the other hand, you did start working on how to write an essay maybe in fourth or fifth grade.

Then junior high your teacher started banging over your head, “You need to have an introductory paragraph and three body paragraphs and then a conclusion.” Many of you are taking AP English right now, and they’re really hitting you with how to have smooth transitions and restate your thesis statement and all these other stuff.

As I tell my kids shot gun it or just vomit up all of the information that you think might apply.

The one thing you need to be careful of yes they don’t take off points for being wrong unless you directly contradict yourself so be careful about that.


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