Books For Critical Thinking

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This disagreement should be recorded in the form of a question; as for instance, “Is such and such the case?That`s why it was so deliberating to realize that it`s more rewarding to skip that kind of parts and focus your reading and learning in the chapters that interest you.The best way to do that is to check the table of content first and go directly to the chapters you are interested in. instead of reading every word he glances down a page and sees certain “cue” words or rather “cue” phrases, for the eye and mind take in phrases as wholes.-If your thinking agrees with the author’s explanation it will give you self-confidence.»-If you were not able to think the thing out for yourself you will appreciate the author’s explanation.I learned most of these methods either by experience or from my beloved book : Thinking as a science by Henry Hazlitt.I never had any guidance in what books to read and how to read them, so during most of my teenage years I soaked up on popular teenage fictions which resulted in me being the victim of a major brainwash.Last year I made a promise to myself to never stop being a learner, and the best universally agreed upon way to be a lifelong learner is, of course, reading books.However, for a long time (most of my childhood and teenage years) I thought that any kind of reading done in any way will be beneficial and will contribute to my growth, even teenage fictions or a psychology book read only once on a crowded beach.” You may doubt whether an author’s explanation really explains.You may have a vague inarticulate suspicion that he is sliding over facts, or that his solution is too superficial.


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