Breathing Underwater Essay Questions

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If the attendees do not comply with his rules, they can be removed from the class and jailed.

One night, in a moment of reckless exhilaration, Nick loses control and slaps her. On the witness stand, the prosecutor asks probing and difficult questions like: 'Did he rape you? ' Cait responds, unable to confess that he might still love her. In his diary, Nick reveals: 'I want to say I love you, I miss you.

Instead, I whisper, 'Fat pig,' and move on.' The novel revolves around Nick Andreas. I'll help you get her back.' Through Nick's relationship with Leo, he begins to recognize his own anger management issues. Then Leo sneaks into Neysa's room one night with a gun.

However, things are not what they seem on the surface.

Nick’s father is distant and abusive, and Caitlin only stays with Nick because of his controlling actions.

Next, Nick starts attending the family violence class he was assigned to.

Mario, the teacher, has strict rules regarding honesty and attendance.

He also writes about his jealousy over Tom’s relationship with his parents.

At school, Nick’s peers refuse speak to him, including Tom, who was his closest friend.

Readers get to know Nick intimately through his first-person narration.

The novel takes the form of his court-mandated diary.


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