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Jennifer explained the need for a business case, as it collects the proposal, outline, strategy and marketing plan in one document and offers a full look at how the project will benefit the organization.

With the popularity of “back-of-the-napkin” ideas spawning multi-billion dollar startups, it can be tempting to overlook good old fashioned business documentation.

In fact, in some Lean or Agile organizations, over-reliance on documentation is seen as a clear impediment to innovation and collaboration.

Today we’re talking about how to write a business case. And if you need a tool that can help you manage and track this process, then sign up for our software now at

Someone called the other day and they were confused because they were looking for something, and they kept pulling up briefcases. What we’re talking about are business cases, and they include information about your strategies, about your goals. It has your business outline, your business strategy, and even your marketing plan. Again, companies are seeking for not only their project managers but their team members to have a better understanding of business and more of an idea business acumen. The components vary, but these are the common ones. Then, you outline the details of the product or service that you’re looking to either expand or rollout or implement.

So this business case provides the justification for proposed business change or plan. And then it also provides the decision makers with different options. Really look at what’s out there, where are the needs, where are the gaps that you can serve? How are they approaching this, and how can you maybe provide some other alternatives? You may even include in there patents maybe that you have pending or other trademarks.

How do you know whether the project you’re undertaking is the best possible solution to the problem defined above?

Naturally, choosing the right solution is hard, and the path to success is not paved with unfounded assumptions.

traditionally is a document that defines the core business benefit of a project in order to justify the expenditure of the initiative.

It often details how the project aligns with strategic goals in the org, and as such is a crucial yet often overlooked responsibility for managers, who assume that senior leadership is responsible for this, or who simply get quickly subsumed by the day-to-day responsibilities of delivering the project.


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