Business Ethics Case Studies And Selected Readings By Marianne Jennings

Business Ethics Case Studies And Selected Readings By Marianne Jennings-54
Thirty years of study and research and here you have it, a book that pulls together decades of scandal for an “Ah-ha! The next big step in ethics, compliance, and creating a culture of integrity is focusing on prevention.

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The book recommends creating our own personal credo, which should make us think about who we are and what are our standards and ethical limits.

When it comes to ethics itself, we quickly realize that there is a difference between law and ethics.

In the first unit, the book scrutinises the definition of ethics itself.

What are they, why do we need them and how to deal with ethical dilemmas in our life.

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Short and long cases, readings, hypothetical situations, and current ethical dilemmas provide a basis for evaluating business ethics, while encouraging stronger values in future business leaders. On Rationalizing and Labeling: The Things We Do That Make Us Uncomfortable, but We Do Them Anyway.

Students discover a framework for analyzing ethical issues that moves them beyond simply their opinion to thinking through short- and long-term costs, societal impact, and consequences. What Did You Do in the Past Year That Bothered You? “They Made Me Do It”: Following Orders and Legalities: Volkswagen and the Fake Emissions Test. Resolving Ethical Dilemmas and Personal Introspection.

Some of the notable theories are: The author also highlights different types of ethical dilemmas we come into touch with everyday.

Lying or even allowing false impressions to persist, taking advantage, permitting abuse to happen, etc.


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