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It aims to answer two research questions: (1) what is the giftedness profile of the selected Filipino gifted?; (2) what types of home environments do Filipino gifted have?The participants in this study were all teachers from England and Macedonia. This data was thematically coded and…Elementary school teachers are commonly known to have low self-efficacy in mathematics and science.

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The study encompassed a didactic experiment, and adopted interviewing techniques and theoretical analysis.

Likert distributions of attitudes to particular game types are presented in tables and the arithmetic means…The purpose of the study reported in this paper was to examine the effects of reflective journals on students' learning, how they foster students' growth mindset, and the students' own perceptions of the journaling process.

This study discusses the current process of internationalization at Mongolian universities and explores the…One of the primary goals of education is to ensure that learners can apply their acquired knowledge in various ways and under different circumstances.

However, this expected "transfer" does not always occur and, therefore, the acquired knowledge cannot be flexibly employed in different contexts.

The study adopted descriptive survey research…The goal of the College of Arts & Sciences Community-aid (CASC-aid) project, a National Science Foundation grant funded study (2016-2021), is to develop, implement, and evaluate a program that fosters a community of academic success for Hispanic STEM students.

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This Hispanic Serving Institute continues to provide a variety of supports to…In the growing global trend of internationalization, Mongolian universities plan to increase courses and programs in English in order to improve their competitiveness and ultimately to become internationally visible, at least in Asia.To this end, 15 students enrolled in an introduction to nutrition course participated in writing reflective journals about…The medical profession, as well as allied health careers, in the United States continues to experience a lack of diversity in terms of the number of African Americans practicing in these fields.This work highlights a postsecondary program developed to increase the population of Black physicians and health care workers throughout the nation: the…This study investigated the home environment of selected Filipino gifted individuals.This study examines the development of technology, pedagogy, and content knowledge (TPACK) in four in-service secondary science teachers as they participated in a professional development program focusing on technology integration into K-12 classrooms to support science as inquiry teaching.In the program, probeware, mind-mapping tools (CMaps), and Internet applications ― computer simulations, digital images, and movies — were introduced to the science teachers.A descriptive multicase study design was employed to track teachers’ development over the yearlong program.Data included interviews, surveys, classroom observations, teachers’ technology integration plans, and action research study reports.A total of 13 primary studies encompassing 1,941 subjects was analyzed.The weighted mean effect size for the 13 studies was reported to be ES = 0.53 (SE = 0.05).The program was found to have positive impacts to varying degrees on teachers’ development of TPACK.Contextual factors and teachers’ pedagogical reasoning affected teachers’ ability to enact in their classrooms what they learned in the program.


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