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The concepts of globalization and standardization such as low-cost production and selling, the roll-out of concepts are combined with localization/differentiation concepts of flexible response to local customer needs, regional and local market penetration, and being culturally close to the consumer.He was an intellectual giant that could converse with anyone on any subject anywhere.He was born on March 12, 1931 and lived life to the fullest for the 87 years. He was worth 2.5 billion dollars upon his death but he was as human as they come.TOMS Shoes was founded on this cause-worthy premise: with every pair of shoes purchased, TOMS will give a pair of new shoes to a child in need.American founder Blake Mycoskie wanted to practice the One for One model, and since then, TOMS has given about a million pairs of shoes to a child in need.The number of likes you get by your followers on your posts directly depends upon the quality of content you are representing. The financial and the banking sector areimportant for economic development and therefore, many financial institutions and banks are adopting these changes faster.You present the finest quality work, you get more followers. This technology has changed traditional banking without disturbing the pre-existing systems.This then produces both societal and profitable benefits, making it mutually beneficial for all stakeholders.Some of the most common “causes” that global brands employ are the following: donation with purchase, a donation with activation, “Proud Supporter”, Buy one, Give one, dual-incentive approach, request for consumer action, and much more.There are many types of events: conferences, trade shows, seminars, roundtables, summits, and competitive games.Red Bull has successfully hosted events worldwide, using it effectively for branding.


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