Case Studies In Ethics Diagnosis And Treatment

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When you touch the boy's back with your stethoscope, he winces in pain from the bruises.You debate whether or not you should call Child Protective Services and report the mother.

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The video tells the story of Dax Cowart, a man who was severely burned by an accidental propane explosion.

The burns disabled Dax, and the physicians forced treatment on him.

Euthanasia advocates stress that it should be allowed as an extension of a person's autonomy.

Those who are against euthanasia often say that it can lead to the devaluation of human life, and to a slippery slope in which the old and disabled will be killed on the whims of healthy people.

She undergoes a CT scan and is diagnosed with an abdominal aortic aneurysm, a weakening in the wall of the aorta which causes it to stretch and bulge (this is very similar to what led to John Ritter's death).

The physicians inform her that the only way to fix the problem is surgically, and that the chances of survival are about 50/50.Then I presented the students with various questions related to some of the ethical issues contained in the situations described.The following cases are the ones that I presented to the groups.You ask the mother where the bruises came from, and she tells you that they are from a procedure she performed on him known as "cao gio," which is also known as "coining." The procedure involves rubbing warm oils or gels on a person's skin with a coin or other flat metal object.The mother explains that cao gio is used to raise out bad blood, and improve circulation and healing.They also inform her that time is of the essence, and that should the aneurysm burst, she would be dead in a few short minutes.The woman is an erotic dancer; she worries that the surgery will leave a scar that will negatively affect her work; therefore, she refuses any surgical treatment.Each case also has a short history and summary of the ethical issues being reviewed.The questions I asked of the students are included as well.Even after much pressuring from the physicians, she adamantly refuses surgery.Feeling that the woman is not in her correct state of mind and knowing that time is of the essence, the surgeons decide to perform the procedure without consent.


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