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They become defensive since shunning communication makes conflict resolution more difficult.When it becomes impossible to avoid communication and they are forced to interact, conflicts are the result, causing frustration and anger (Stein & Cutler, 2008).Major depression disorder may affect the occupational performance of the patient.

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Some of the duties performed by occupational therapist include; help patients to undertake physical exercise, basic motor function, use adoptive equipment among other......?

Written assignment Occupational therapy, which is also known as OT, is a form of holistic health care job which aims at promoting health by enabling the individuals, particularly the sick patients, to perform meaningful as well as purposeful activities all throughout their lives.

Depression is most likely to afflict individuals aged between twenty and thirty years. Treatment is done using antidepressants together with counselling and psychotherapy.

In cases where the disorder has brought on self-neglect, the patient requires hospitalization.

Upon the physician’s inquiries, she did not mention any previous pharmacological or psychiatric treatment aimed at treating these disorders.

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Her hypertension and obesity had recently increased due to her inactivity and bouts of binge eating.Stroke is defined, as per the World Health Organization, to be a......Occupational therapy in oncology Occupational therapy is defined as the art and science of helping people do their important and meaningful daily activities through participation in valued occupations to improve their health and well-being (Rothstein, 2001).Approximately 4% of victims end up committing suicide, while 65% of those committing suicide suffered from MDD or some other form of mood disorder.The patient’s experiences, reported by them, friends or relatives, as well as examinations aimed at mental status are the major diagnostic basis for the disorder.Psychosocial Influences to Occupational Performance Major depressive disorder, MDD or clinical depression is a disorder of the mind whose manifestations includes an all round low mood, lack of interest in activities that one initially enjoyed, and low self-esteem (Beck, 2009).MDD is a condition that disables its victim’s health, eating and sleeping habits, school and work life, as well as family.It is here that the occupational therapist can help the victim.Stroke Definition and Features Stroke is a disease which is preventable.The disorder has no fixed course and may last for a week or stretch to a lifetime punctured by episodes of major recurrences.This paper aims to present a case study for a patient suffering from depression and the role to be played by an occupational therapist.


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