Case Study Why Xerox Invented The Benchmarking

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Not only was the target met, it was exceeded and Klimasan were named as best practice leader by Coca-cola and Heinken.They have not stopped there, as leading on from this success they are looking at ways to set a more ambitious plan for the future.Following this initial success, the scope of the project was increased with predicted potential savings of over £45,000 in annual water charges.

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These bodies often fail to become a part of the hierarchical structure of government organizations.

In project-oriented TQM, some of the shortcomings of consultant-oriented TQM are addressed.

The term benchmarking was originally used by early land surveyors, who used the term to identify a fixed point from which all other measurements are made.

In the late 1970's however, it took a broader meaning.

Benchmarking it is a tool which allows your company to identify the opportunities that lie within your business based on real data.

It gives a strong visual representation of what is working and helps to promote discussions regarding new ideas as well as to create enthusiasm to ‘do better next time’ by enabling realistic and achievable targets.

Consultant-oriented TQM typically involves the creation of separate quality control bodies that oversee the implementation of improvement and the control of quality improvement procedures.

This process is generally problematic in the public-sector because the TQM bodies exist outside the chain of command, confusing accountability.

Acting on these opportunities, highlighted by the benchmarking, resulted in overall customer satisfaction to be rated at more than 90% and country units improved sales from 152% to 328%.

resources/casestudies/xerox-benchmarking-4Provides strong visual representation of what is working and helps to promote discussions regarding new ideas A Watermark benchmarking tool was used to investigate water consumption at The University of Derby.


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