Cause And Effect Essay On Bullying

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Others even consider suicide, so the effects of bullying last a lifetime.

Data on Bullying in Japan According to a survey of 464 junior high school students in Japan, "Have you ever experienced bullying?

Also some young people who end their lives or attempt suicide might be trying to escape from feelings of rejection, hurt or loss.

Some might be angry, ashamed, or guilty about something.

But mobile phones are so important to children that they tend to keep them switched on all the time.

So if a child is harassed by mobile phone calls, it can seem like there is no escape.

Recent Cases of Bullying in Japan Electronic bullying has become a problem recently, such as insulting messages identifying individuals on Internet bulletin board systems or utilizing the mobile phones that are ubiquitous among young people in Japan.

In the past, most bullying took place at school, so when kids got home they could find sanctuary.

According to interviews with teenagers who had attempted suicide, most said that they did it because they were trying to escape from a situation that seemed impossible to deal with, or to get relief from very bad thoughts or feelings.

But they did not want to die as much as they wanted to escape from what was going on.


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