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Hi there, I wrote something about space requirements in the first reply of this thread (above).

Hi there, I wrote something about space requirements in the first reply of this thread (above).

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So here I’m thinking of designing a huge building where Indian classical dance and contemporary dance will be taught along with accommodation facilities for the foreigners too who actually come to India to learn classical dances.

How can the architecture be appealing for the dancers and art lovers?

Dear Pooja, You ask many questions at a time, but very important questions indeed. The width is important for dances that move a lot in scenic space and for big groups.

I think I’d better tell you what contemporary dancers need and like and you’ll see how to find the solutions. The height is important for dancers to practice to communicate a big image of them in space.

Some people think that the solution for ventilation in dancing studios is air conditioned: BIG MISTAKE. Countries that have seasons do not have the option of opening windows during the cold times, but their studios should have big windows that can at least be opened during warm days.

Other than oxygen, the smell of enclosed dancing studios becomes truly repugnant. Natural light: contemporary dancers love NATURAL SUNLIGHT.I am designing a school or rather spaces for dance enthusiasts which will give them quality of space to experience dance of whichever style they may want to learn.Therefore, as a dance freak myself I would like u to kindly help me out by describing about quality of space required in different styles of dance forms like, ballet, contemporary, jazz, hip hop, etc Dear Prerna, The description that I wrote above about the space needs for dance applies for almost all kind of dances. I am a classical dancer so I chose to design an institute and research centre for Indian classical and contemporary dance in Mumbai itself.But those are not like institutes; they are like single huge halls.Other than that, we also love the beauty of spacious places and the feeling that they produce. Smooth, buffered (cushioned), and warm floors: contemporary dancers dance barefoot, so it’s important that the surface is not dangerous for the feet and glides.The need of having a softened floor with air and foam underneath is a need of all dances.And I am looking for more specified requirements and also materials like books, magazines about tehcnical aspects. Or are there any basic rules of adding storages for equipment connected with the class?For example how large should be a comfortable dance class, for 20 children or 10 adult pairs, any normlaized dimensions? Please help me if you can : D Dear Maxkil, Unfortunately, I don’t know much about architecture for dance.Could you recommend any books or other materials or just very briefly write about basic principles of designing buildings devoted to dance studio, schools etc.? dimensions of the best dancing class for the group of about 20 children, 15 adult pairs..?? Any stores for equipment reachable from dance floor...I am also designing dance studio for educational purposes.


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