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The entire selection is heavily weighted and based on one key thing, which is how it is structured....[tags: The Canterbury Tales, Geoffrey Chaucer] - Satire and Sass (An Essay Geoffrey Chaucer’s Intended Audience for the Canterbury Tales) Geoffrey Chaucer isn’t just the father of the English language, he’s also the king of satire.[tags: Geoffrey Chaucer, The Canterbury Tales] - In The Canterbury Tales, author Geoffrey Chaucer writes of the journey several pilgrims make from London to Canterbury to visit the shrine of St. Many of the pilgrims are discussed at great length, from their physical appearance to their personality traits.

Some of these characters include the Clerk, the Sergeant of the Lawe, and the Wife of Bath.

Geoffrey Chaucer’s careful and astute observations of people in The Canterbury Tales indicate that he is an accurate and insightful onlooker....

In the book Chaucer talks about different streotypes and gives his of the Pilgrams different ironic or unusal characteristics....

[tags: The Canterbury Tales, Geoffrey Chaucer, Irony] - The stories on The Canterbury Tales by Geoffrey Chaucer often undermine societal hierarchies at the time.

[tags: The Canterbury Tales, Geoffrey Chaucer] - Ways in which “The Canterbury Tales” were reflective of everyday life during the Middle Ages The Middle Ages began with the collapse of the Western Roman Empire and merged into what is known as the Renascence Era and the Age of Discovery.

It encompasses the 5th to the 15th century, in the area that is modern day Europe.

The Canterbury Tales is a collection of stories that are told through different pilgrims who are on their way to Canterbury to pay homage to St. At the beginning of Chaucer 's collection of stories, he describes each of the pilgrims.

One of the pilgrims that Chaucer describes is the Wife of Bath, and through his description of her the reader is able to find out about her appearance, background, and personality....

His writings are highly controversial and bring out the faults in the most conservative aspects of society—especially when it comes to sexism and the church.

In The Canterbury Tales, by Geoffrey Chaucer, he speaks about 31 people going on a pilgrimage.


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