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Cheerleaders work together as a team across racial, social, and economic boundaries.(that is, inhaling and exhaling deeply) has a number of medical benefits including reducing the negative effects of stress. When you send them off to the big city for college, they may be able to handle the transition and the demands of college more easily.That’s right, a study conducted at the University of Sheffield indicates that even if you’re a Cheerleading produces active, engaged citizens.

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Football players aren’t the only jocks with a concussion problem.

Cheerleading is by far the most dangerous role for female athletes, yet girls who suffer concussions often don’t recognize that they’re injured, a new study found.

“Jumping increases bone density, so you can actually prevent osteoarthritis by jumping,” says Rachel De Busk, CPT at Unstill Life.

According to a in the Journal of Athletic Training, only 6 percent of cheerleaders were injured over a one-year period.

So let's compare aspects of cheering and compare them to the definition that has provided us.

The first part of the definition was "an athletic activity requiring skill or prowess".Although it is not officially defined as a sport by the NCAA or high school associations, it obviously should be for many different reasons.defines a sport as "an athletic activity that requires physical prowess or skill and often a competitive nature."Cheerleading definitely fulfills this criteria maybe even better than other activities commonly called sports.“We smile because we are happy but smiling also makes us happy,” says the University of Cardiff’s Dr.He conducted a study that showed that people who couldn’t frown because of Botox injections reported feeling less sad than the control group. A high school football game is in play for 48 minutes.The study noted that cheerleading accounts for 66 percent of catastrophic sports injuries — the kind that shorten lives or result in permanent disability or long-term medical conditions — among girls.Some 6 percent of all cheerleaders’ injuries are concussions, which are defined as “traumatically induced alterations in mental status” caused by damage to the head.Cheerleaders are commonly seen on the sidelines at football and basketball games supporting their teams.Fans just see them as other people supporting their team.uses cookies to personalize content, tailor ads and improve the user experience. By using our site, you agree to our collection of information through the use of cookies.


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