Chocolate Business Plan

Chocolate Business Plan-1
Jason Vishnefske is the co-founder and master chocolatier of Santa Barbara Chocolate Company and has a wealth of experience in the chocolate business.His letter below includes some great recommendations to starting your own chocolate shop...

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Gift cards, coffee, tea, gelato and ice cream are all good ancillary options.

The chocolate shops that I have seen with the fastest and easiest success have been ones that open up where there is foot traffic.

People shopping along a quaint street, along the path walking to a movie theatre, in a mall or in a hotel mezzanine are all good options.

As far as selling your artisan chocolates, I recommend offering them by the box, piece and by weight. For example a gift shopper might find it easier buying by weight as a one pound gift box while a wedding planner or bride might prefer to buy chocolates by the piece because they have an exact number of guests they need to offer chocolates.

Having a glass candy case is a great way to show what you offer.


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