Church Business Plan Template

Core values help guide who you are and what you do, always pointing you in the direction you believe God is leading. Translate them into easily quotable phrases and then live them! A purpose statement rises out of your vision and core values, and the development process itself will help clarify your purpose, understanding and vision for the church.

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Research the demographics of the community God has called you to reach.

Make it your goal to learn everything you can about the people in your community and include it in the master plan.

Every time you cast vision to a potential partner, you’ll hand them a copy of your master plan.

In addition, your time will be in short supply once the plan is set in motion, and the master plan will help you stay on track.

Without a plan, it won’t take long before you’ll be juggling too many plates.

Great clarity comes when you write out your master plan.State your purpose briefly and simply, and it becomes more powerful.Sample purpose statements include: Define your community.I consider it a blessing that I get to work with church planters everyday.Many have done exhaustive research and months of preparation in the area of planning.Resist the urge to have a long list of core values too early.Compile a short list and focus on those that resonate with your heart and vision.Remember, your prelaunch budget won’t necessarily mirror your operating budget, and you’ll want to consider all startup costs.This exercise will also help determine the actions that could be cut if it became necessary to reduce spending.Make good use of the survey and professional census information available online. This is a milestone action plan to get you from where you are to where you want to be at launch and beyond. Work backward and forward from the launch date, detailing the actions that will result in what you envision.The best starting point for creating a timeline is to envision your launch day. Then simply put dates to each action, developing a schedule or timeline that supports your launch date.


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