Coach Carter Book Report

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Secondly, it will illustrate the flaws in its portrayals of teachers.

WARNING: There are spoilers for the story of the movie in both the synopsis and the analysis sections of this article so if you don’t want it spoiled for you, please do not read on. Jackson) takes over the head coaching job for the Oilers basketball team at his old high school Richmond, having played on the team himself, earning unbeaten records.

It is not until after Christmas that he receives the written academic reports on his athletes from the teachers, just after they get back from the tournament they won.

This portrayal is a flawed view because of these kinds of reports are standard in every school I have taught in during my career.

He also teaches them to play a disciplined brand of basketball which includes an emphasis on fundamentals, execution, defense, and conditioning.

Carter also asks the school staff for progress reports on the players’ attendance.

In my thirteen years of teaching, there have been struggles, but I have always loved the job itself, if not the labor on some days. It’s an underdog story with a twist ending that is both good and bad. But my largest problem with it is in its portrayal of teachers, specifically public school teachers in high poverty and crime neighborhoods.

The portrayal of schools and especially a problem I have with most movies and TV series based on high schools or educational institutions (see “Glee” especially).

This article is to illustrate how the film “Coach Carter” represents a false narrative of the life of a teacher and their connection to high school athletics.

First, it will start with a brief synopsis of the movie itself.


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