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Learn Boost is the first ever gradebook and lesson plan software to fully support the Common Core State Standards and is an official endorsing partner of the Common Core State Standards Initiative. Currently, 43 States have announced support for the Common Core State Standards, demonstrating a growing movement in the United States education system. The Common Core State Standards Initiative is a national effort to create a clear framework for understanding student achievement.The Common Core represents a major shift in education policy.

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As you may know if you follow me on Facebook, I pretty much hate, with a capital H-A-T-E, this “new common core” math being taught. Under what math EVER would 291 be “estimated” or “rounded off” to 200? And this is the example for her to base all her other math homework on.

Every day it’s a massive struggle for Chris and me, him with a Masters Degree and myself with a Bachelors, to teach 3rd grade homework to our daughter. I can tell you that if I estimated or rounded off my bills from $291 to $200, I would get a notice of an unpaid bill.

Some economists argue that the poor showing isn't just embarrassing, it's economically dangerous, because the US will need a better-educated population in order to compete globally.

In many countries that perform better than the US, the education system is much more standardized. Often, they also follow the same curriculum and take a single, standardized exam.

One reason the Common Core has led to strange political bedfellows — teachers unions and Tea Partiers both oppose some aspects of the standards, if not the entire project — is that people are often arguing about different things.

Whether you think kids take too many standardized tests is often a separate issue from whether the federal government should encourage states to adopt the same academic standards.

Most other countries have them, including nations that don't outshine the US on international tests.

And adopting national standards goes against a long tradition of local control in American schools.

The Common Core State Standards data is parsed and can be downloaded by completing the form below.

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