Conflict Diamonds In Sierra Leone Essay

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The RUF used an estimated 10,000 child soldiers to wage its violent war.

I think after seeing this movie, people will feel it incumbent upon themselves to ask for a warranty, so as to guarantee the diamond they’re buying is not from a conflict zone." 1.

When Maddy Bowen accuses Danny Archer of helping to prolong the conflict in Sierra Leone by his smuggling activities, Archer says that the American appetite for inexpensive diamond jewelry is just as much to blame. a) Now that there is a warranty system in place, it is easier for consumers to avoid buying conflict diamonds.

e) Through diplomacy, UN peacekeeping forces, and finally British reinforcements, the international community played an important role in ending the protracted, complex, and bloody civil war in Sierra Leone.

What is the responsibility of the international community to intervene in countries such as Sierra Leone?

Many of those who were captured had their hands and feet hacked off by machetes (there were an estimated 100,000 victims of mutilation), and others were forced to work as slaves in the country's diamond mines.

Diamonds were critical for the survival of the RUF, which traded them for weapons.

If consumers are aware that the gems they are buying may be conflict diamonds, is there a moral difference between their actions and those of Danny Archer?

c) To what extent should consumers be responsible for investigating their purchases before they buy?

Because of a diamond-smuggling deal gone wrong, Danny Archer ends up in the same jail and learns about Solomon's pink diamond.

He arranges for Solomon's release, hoping to get the diamond for himself in return for helping Solomon to find his family.


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