Contents Of A Good Business Plan

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It is recommended that all the major issues listed below are included, even the ones that are relatively less significant to your particular business.

Anyone reading your plan will be more confident about your assessment of the situation if you identify such issues and resolve them, however summarily.

If your table of contents is more than one page long, reconsider the length of the entries, the length of your plan, and the number of documents you've included.

Business plans range from 20 to 50 pages in length, but, typically, they all contain the same sections.

There are a number of things to do to ensure that: If you have spent any time and effort at all on a company logo, slogan, or other identifying graphic or text, highlight it on the cover page.

If you haven't considered these basic marketing tools, we strongly suggest that you do.The following list identifies and briefly describes each of the documents or document categories that will make up your plan.They are presented in the order in which they usually appear; however, this format can be deviated from if another way makes more sense because of the nature of the business.It should identify the person to contact regarding any questions about the plan (generally, you).If you have prepared multiple copies of your business plan, you might also put a copy number on the cover page to identify them.Issues relating to inventory, production, storage, etc., become less significant as the product/service mix moves toward a purely service business.For example, a business that relies on the services of many professional employees would provide substantial details about acquiring and retaining these vital workers.A business plan customarily has a number of major elements or sections.Each of these elements serves a particular purpose in the overall presentation of your plan.Building an identity is vital if you want people to recognize and remember your business.In addition, the cover sheet should contain all the usual and appropriate identification information about the business.


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