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Such a review should normally appear as an early chapter in the dissertation.In addition, you must demonstrate expert knowledge of, and insight into, you chosen topic.We can develop the analogy to cover a dissertation; a dissertation is like a centipede, it has a head and a tail, but In all of the Institute’s MAs the dissertation is an extended study that constitutes the culmination of your academic work at the Master's level.

Such a review should normally appear as an early chapter in the dissertation.

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However, this is more often referred to as an undergraduate project.

The major research project normally required as part of the work for a doctoral degree.

This enables all students to experience the excitements, and frustrations, associated with original research. It is an extended essay based on independent research, involving critical study of primary sources.

It allows you to apply the techniques taught in special subjects to sustained investigation of a topic of your choosing, free from the constraints imposed by your normal class schedule.

The requirement for the contribution to knowledge means that your research must be satisfactorily linked to what is already known about the topic.

This requires a thorough review of the literature which already exists about the topic in journal articles, books and reports.Students are encouraged throughout their coursework to identify salient issues and relevant organizational concerns they might wish to investigate as a basis for producing a dissertation, the final requirement for the doctoral degree.The dissertation is a scholarly work conducted independently by the student, under the direction of a full-time GSEP faculty member…After obtaining approval of a dissertation proposal through the Preliminary Examination process the student implements the methods, produces results, and identifies conclusions and recommendations.A Final Defense is held when the student's committee feel the student is ready….Dissertations are expected to make a new and creative contribution to the field of study, or to demonstrate one's excellence in the field.The doctoral dissertation is an opportunity for students to demonstrate their ability to bridge theory and practice through research or evaluation.The dissertation is best focused on a question that is part of a wider discussion in the relevant field.A dissertation is (usually) an original piece of written work of some substance, in which a problem, hypothesis or question of importance to the author is subjected to analysis and elucidation by an explicit method or methods.It is sometimes said that an essay, short story or novel in English is like a fish - it has a head, a body and a tail.What is meant is that there should be an introduction (the head), the main part of the composition (the body), and a summary or conclusion to bring things to a natural end (the tail).


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