Coursework Maths Level

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Required mathematics or mathematics education courses selected for inclusion must be aligned to elements of the NCTM CAEP Standards (2012) and to the NCTM CAEP Mathematics Content for Secondary, Middle Grades, or Elementary Mathematics Specialist. Ed.) that rely on undergraduate mathematics coursework taken by program candidates a another institution or in a different academic major must complete a transcript analysis to determine the sufficiency of courses taken and to specify coursework required to remediate mathematics content deficiencies of admitted candidates.

A step-by-step guide for using and documenting course grades based on the has been developed.

In addition, a Template for Course Grades and or Transcript Analysis for each preparation level are available for downloading.

The appropriate downloaded form must be used for entering the required information.

Often, the math classes required for a nursing degree program also serve the purpose of satisfying university-wide general education mathematics requirements.

Coursework Maths Level

There is a practical reason why nursing degree programs include required courses in mathematics.

In addition to being comfortable working with numbers, having strong communication skills and being detail-oriented are important qualities in nurses.

You don’t have to be crazy about math to be a good nurse.

Nurses need to be comfortable using numbers in their work and to complete the minimum required math classes in high school and college.

However, most core classes in nursing are more closely related to science than to mathematics.


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