Cover Letter For Work Experience Year 10

I look forward to hearing from you [attachment] any suggestions r welcome I don't know whether this is the appropriate section or not Basically it's a covering letter that i'm going to send to a number of contacts (obviously I will adjust it concerning their specialities) asking for a day or two of WE Cookies for anyone who reads it!!

CC would be much appreciated ---------------------------------------------------------- Dear Dr.

Your english is fine by the way, reading, that is the key.

You have the right approach though, if you don't try it you'll never know.

i have written a draft of a work experience letter to a hospital so i was wondering if i can get help with grammar etc, btw my parents arent english so they cant help much , the first letter i wrote to a medical centre was declined due to confientiality so i hope this one will be accepted [my address] [contacts full address] Dear [very important person] I would like to enquire about the possibility of a work experience placement at your hospital during [this time] this year.

Cover Letter For Work Experience Year 10

My name is [name], I am 16 years old and attend [my school] in [town].

My contact details are as below: [phone] [email] yours sincerely [signature] [name] any helpful comments r appreciated ty Leave out the 'my name is', just leave that till the end.

Why not mention confidentiality in some way, something like ' I am aware of the value of discretion when working in a clinical environment and I believe that I have the maturity and integrity to abide by the code of conduct at your establishment.' Or something. Leave out the 'my name is', just leave that till the end.

I am currently a year 12 student studying A Levels at XXXXXXX in Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics and Geography , as well as a Cambridge Pre U in Global Perspectives. Medicine as a career has attracted me because , not only does it involve the intricate workings of the human body , which combines both biological and chemical processes ; it also seems to be a very rewarding profession which makes an obvious positive change in patients’ quality of life.

I volunteer once a month at XXXX Autistic Society play scheme.


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