Creative Writing Activities For Kids

Creative Writing Activities For Kids-52
I also ask each student to fill out a note card and write anything else they want me to know about them such as “I am shy and don’t like to read aloud”, or “My parents wanted me to take this class, but I didn’t really want to.” We then discuss class rules such as the prohibition of grossness or violence or cuss words in their writing.

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Silly Poem Writing Exercise This silly poem writing activity lets kids transform a favorite poem into something funny and memorable.

Mix and Match Story Activity Do stories with predictable beginnings, middles and ends bore you?

Try our mix and match story activity and enjoy the funny, unpredictable results.

Words can be so much fun when you add a little imagination into the mix. If so, why not test their ability to create something magical with words.

In the right hands, language can be a powerful and awe-inspiring instrument, and these writing activities for kids are a great first step to understanding the limitless possibilities of the written word.


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