Creative Writing Class For Kids

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Children may have in the past found writing to be such a boring activity. Writing can be a very exciting activity for children.

It helps them with their creativity and their vocabulary. Recent statistics show that a ¼ of children aged between 7 to 14 years, had not written letters before and that 43% of the 1,200 children from the survey had not been sent any letter.

Get your students to discover the publishing world.

Sometime in the future, your students will publish some of their greatest pieces. Magazines, as well as publications online usually give a good chance for people searching for great freelance writers. You can have your students look up websites suitable for writers especially those who would like to publish.

You can hack it by taking your class through an introduction session where they get to familiarize themselves with their classmates as well as the coursework ahead of them.

Get your students to try new writing styles as well as be creative in their plots.

It’s not like these parents are pushing their kids into creative writing. Their kid is writing stories at nighttime, under the covers with flashlight, and filling notebooks with pages of words which they call their “book.” Their kid is practically begging them to teach them how to write creatively, but the parents often don’t know what to do.

Even better, many of these magazines accept submissions from children. The most important thing for a writer, of any age, is to feel like they have an audience.

You can also have your students watch video clips of other writers to know what it takes to be a good writer.

As well as writing books, I teach creative writing.


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