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This thoughtful analysis would be foolish and unnecessary on trivial decisions yet absolutely essential for those with great consequences.The emergence of the concept of “fake news” these past few years has really raised the ante on critical thinking.

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The skills that we need to be able to think critically are include analysis, reflection, evaluation, observation, interpretation, explanation, problem solving, inference, and decision making. To think critically we need to be able to: So, the first step is to identify the situation or problem as well as the factors that may influence it.

Tools that help to identifying the connection: bullet-pointing, highlighting, bookmarking and researching.

Once you start thinking critically about the information you receive, your decisions will be evidence-based rather than swayed by the emotions of the moment.

Critical thinking is a hugely valuable skill to develop.

News is considered “fake” if it does not match my views and beliefs on the subject.

By labeling news fake, we dismiss any information that does not fit with our current assumptions and biases.

Other decisions are weighty when they involve substantial sums of money or resources.

We strive to make the best decisions possible yet often are swayed by our assumptions and biases into flawed conclusions. Franklin’s statement above is a graphic example of an assumption that was terribly wrong.

Confirmation bias, or only accepting as fact information that supports my opinion, is a particularly nasty faulty logic.

Here are my top 3 practices for becoming a more critical thinker: These practices will shift your mind from relying on what you know and believe to looking at a broader field of evidence.


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