Current Political Situation Of Pakistan Essay

Imran Khan: I would say they are completely unjustified: Pakistan is moving towards democracy.The pillars of democracy are transparency, accountability of leadership, free and fair elections, independent media and an independent judiciary.

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Pakistan’s system is ill-equipped to make changes which would avoid future excessive debt.

A bailout from the International Monetary Fund (IMF) is probably the safest bet for the country although it is unclear whether the United States will support the program.

The current situation in Karachi and Baluchistan is worse than ever.

The blame of these riots clearly is on politicians who are just manipulating different groups to get benefits for themselves.

Not has Sharif been able to explain the source of income to the Joint Investigation Committee (JIT), formed by the Supreme Court to investigate the issue.

He failed and he lied to the court about his income.Following the forced resignation of Pakistan′s premier, Nawaz Sharif, the country′s opposition is sensing a change in direction.Imran Khan, its most prominent representative, met Shah Meer Baloch in Islamabad to talk about current developments The West is worried about the future of democracy in Pakistan following Nawaz Sharif's disqualification from premiership.He produced fake documents; how, therefore, can anyone be calling it a judicial coup?In fact, it's the first time that the army′s chief of staff has publically declared that the army is in support of Pakistani democracy and the constitution. has spent trillions of dollars on the war to no avail. went away, then Pakistan was left to deal with the jihadist groups on its own. S., Washington began going after the jihadist outfits, labelling them as terrorists – yet these were the same people it had once celebrated as heroes.There′s no doubt that some people make their way into the corridors of power merely to make money.In the past, whenever the army stepped in to take control of the country, the people rejoiced. In my opinion, the Supreme Court's judgement against Nawaz Sharif will serve to strengthen democracy.How, for instance, did he get the money out of the country?He has not answered the questions posed by the two benches of the Supreme Court.We want good relations with China, because Pakistan's prosperity depends on China. and the EU are undeniably two of Pakistan's major trading partners – friendly relations with them are essential. In recent months, the Islamists have once again managed to take control of large swathes of Afghanistan. You also refuse to condemn jihadist groups over terror attacks and blame it on the U. Khan: These are merely allegations by those who don't understand jihadist movements and the Talibavn, or what is happening in Afghanistan and Pakistan. He also blames Pakistan for fomenting terrorism in Kashmir, but that's not true either.Beijing is pumping billions of dollars into our country through its China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) project. It is the Modi regime that has been using brute force on an indigenous movement.


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