David Milgaard Essay

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John went so far as to state that she had even witnessed Milgaard stab the victim. His trial commenced before a judge and jury nine months later.Our government can not be held responsible for the death of innocent people.Gail Miller was raped, stabbed to death and left in a snow bank at approximately a.m. That same morning, Milgaard A month after the murder, Cadrain contacted police to report that Milgaard had acted suspiciously during the drive to Calgary.DNA evidence cleared Thomas in 2000 and received compensation of 2.6 million dollars.If any of the five cases involving David Milgard were sentenced to death, the Canadian Government erroneously kills them.There are several reasons for wrongful convictions such as racial bias, false confessions, jailhouse informants, eyewitness error, erroneous forensic science, inappropriate, professional and institutional misconduct and scientific limitations that society possessed prior to the technological revolution (Roberts, Grossman, 2012, 253 – 259).The introduction of more advanced DNA analysis has been able to clear names and prevent these incidences from occurring as often.Within 24 hours, police located Milgaard in Winnipeg and questioned him. Investigators then located Milgaard’s two other travelling companions, Nichol John and Ron Wilson.Their initial police statements provided a strong alibi for Milgaard; both said they had been with him throughout the morning of the attack on Miller and Milgaard had had nothing to do with it.Wrongful conviction is an issue that has plagued the Canadian Justice System since it came to be.It is an issue that is hard to sort out between horrific crimes and society’s desire to find truth and justice.


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