Destroying The Environment Essay

Destroying The Environment Essay-52
Harmful gases emitted by ACs, refrigerators, industries & vehicles are depleting ozone layer & increasing our exposure to very harmful UV rays of sun leading us towards various skin diseases, eye cataract & even cancer.Wastes like plastics & other non-degradable wastes like insecticides, pesticides, chemical fertilizers etc.

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We wreak ecological havoc through our unsustainable farming, logging, mining, fishing, and exploitation of the world’s other natural resources.

We are making our home unlivable not only for ourselves but for the millions of other animal and plant species with whom we share it.

Despite unavoidable free services provided by the earth to humans, we are not able to pay off her kindness to us.

Rather we humans are being cruel to our Earth with our selfish activities.

Then, I can form a GREEN ORGANIZATION along with some other energetic youths to raise awareness in my peer circle, neighbourhood & the community about environment sanitation by changing degradable wastes into compost manure & by 3R principle (reduce, reuse & recycle) of non-degradable wastes.

I can create workshops with local people that air pollution can be controlled by replacing household energy sources like coal, firewood etc.

by biogas, electricity or solar energy & we can negotiate with factory owners & vehicle owners to use dust & smoke purification systems in industries & vehicles & we can encourage them to use solar-energy based industries & vehicles.

We can organize environment sanitation programs & afforestation programs in barren lands.

Mahatma Gandhi said, “Earth provides enough to satisfy every man’s needs, but not every man’s greed.” Every day we produce tons of degradable and non-degradable waste, and throw it anywhere recklessly.

Smoke and harmful gases from our homes, vehicles and industries are suffocating her.


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