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However, the Amish youths often try to balance both the Amish culture and the non-Amish socio-cultural practices, afterwards, some of the brave youths return to their Amish culture and get baptized just to be shunned by their families once they opt to leave the Amish culture, while the other group of girls are not brave enough to face their Amish culture once more hence they get absorbed permanently in the non Amish culture (James, & Charles, 1989).It is unfair that the Amish culture only recognize the people within the same culture irrespective of the relationship.The worst effects of the drugs were felt when her ended up in the deal and hooked up with an English girlfriend who was a fellow addict (Hostetler, 1993).

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However, in the film, it is evidenced that the various peer groups of the Amish teenagers changed and engaged in activities of the non-Amish world that contained practices and indulgence into illegal social activities like drug use, partying, drinking, pre-marital sex, and smoking (James, & Charles, 1989).

After understanding the main idea in the movie, it is adept to state that some of them decided to return to their Amish culture, be baptized as adults who made personal decisions to return to their cultural practices within the Amish community (The Devil’s Playground 2002).

However, the main disadvantage that the youths realized in the Amish culture is that the decision to be baptized is dictated by age despite the ability to make personal decision before one gets to the accepted age.

This implies that the rebellions youths have no other option to return to their culture, family and the church until they acquire the dictated age (The Devil’s Playground 2002).

However, unlike the Amish society that encountered vast challenges, the English culture was comparatively full of fan and satisfaction; people lived a luxurious life, driving in expensive cars, pursuing education to higher levels (The Devil’s Playground 2002).

The English culture is open to everybody irrespective of the class of standard, western cultural attire were the order of the day to showcase their ability and support to live quality stress free life.

However, the interrelation between the members of the Amish society was encouraging since they would embrace each other’s support for example in the supply of skilled manpower, craftsmanship and trade pioneering and tolerance (The Devil’s Playground 2002).

The Amish groups had inbuilt craftsmanship skills that enhanced their fame within a wider area of coverage.

The poverty level enhance child school dropout, most of the children discontinued their education at the 8th standard (Hostetler, 1993).

Members of the A mish society encountered tough situations with no electricity.


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