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Start planning how to write your research paper discussion by determining exactly what kind of discussion is required.

Without a discussion, the evidence reported in a research paper is not exactly meaningless, but readers are left to draw their own conclusions, valid or otherwise, about its meaning and value.

In a research paper discussion, the author, who is necessarily more informed about the topic than most readers are, has the opportunity to discuss his or her thoughts about the findings and their implications.

6 Expert Tips on How To Write a Research Paper Discussion Whether you are writing a research paper for journal publication, for university credit or simply for sharing with an interested online audience, you will need to include a discussion.

A research paper discussion serves to explain and interpret the evidence gathered by the author.

Most academic and scientific journals, for instance, have guidelines for authors, many university professors and departments have style sheets for students, and most disciplines make use of excellent style manuals.

The advice and recommendations in these sources will usually indicate that the discussion section of a research paper should be separate from the report of evidence and results, but not always: in some fields interpretation is routinely blended with the presentation of evidence.Comparing and contrasting the evidence and results produced by other investigators with your own findings can clarify and deepen your understanding of your research and its unique contribution to knowledge in your field.Certainly this approach will speak to fellow researchers, university instructors and peer reviewers in the kind of scholarly language they understand.All research projects have limitations, so there is no shame in revealing them; in fact, a clear and critical assessment of your study’s limitations will demonstrate your ability to evaluate your own research objectively.5.Ensure that the implications of the findings produced by your research are clearly articulated for your readers.Use the discussion to establish coherence and sustain an argument throughout your research paper.Since a research paper discussion is all about the meaning of the research and its findings, it is the perfect place to tie the elements of the paper together.Keep the facts soundly in mind and remember that even small discoveries can have a big impact.This is particularly the case when the information is relevant to the audience, so determining who your readers are likely to be and paying special attention to implications and applications that will interest and affect them in professional and personal ways is a sound strategy for how to write an engaging research paper discussion.6.Could your findings have an effect on how practitioners do their jobs?Might your findings affect other aspects of human lives such as healthcare, politics or education?


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