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In experimental turntablism, sound artists and musicians encounter not only the pre-recorded sound of the vinyl records, as is common in DJ culture and hip hop turntablism, but also accentuate the materiality of the records and turntables themselves.The thesis shows that the record player is itself the key concept within which each experimental turntablist unfolds an intricate dialogue between mediation and materiality.One of the main country’s grand challenges is to implement an aquifer storage and recovery scheme, which requires understanding of the flow regime and quantification of the natural rainfall recharge.

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Qatar is an arid country as rainfall is very little and surface water is non-existent.

Aquifer is the only conventional source of water, which has been over-exploited in the last few decades.

Using a historical groundwater piezometric map, the flow to the sea was calculated by applying Monte Carlo Simulation to the Darcy’s Law.

The natural recharge was calculated considering all water budget components.

Quantification of the total volume of rainfall recharge is essential for water resources management, development and protection, but it is challenging.

Numerous recharge estimation methods can be found in the literature, but the selection of the most appropriate one depends on the hydrogeological setting of the area of study and on the available data.

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