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Thankfully in 2009, some civil societies started to take action and they created a movement called “Prinde Radacini” or, in English, “Romania gets roots.” It was a campaign organized by Realitatea TV and sustained by the OMV Petrom oil and gas company (In this campaign they started to plant trees in deforested areas, all on a voluntary basis.But this is not enough; it is only one drop in the sea.

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The deforestation, as a result of the unregulated practice, had as an end result the destabilization of the ecological system (Appendix I provides an excellent glimpse of the change in European forests in the past years) (Energy, transport and environment indicators – Eurostat –Europa, 2012).She provides the political and economic background that underpins the struggles that Romania has undertaken to return to its sustainable practices and lifestyle. On the 22nd of December, 1989, Romania freed itself from the Nicolae Ceausescu communist regime, and entered into a new era of freedom of information, democracy, and the right of propriety.Romanians have the power to change their faith, but also the power to destroy it., which was studied in 4th grade and had a good practical side to it.We used to have special classes about planting trees and would go inside the natural reservation to clean the forests and waters and remove any unwanted traces of civilization. We study Ecology only as a concept, and nobody is bothering to take into account the practical side of this discipline.Within the last twenty years, the cutting down of trees has become a very big issue in Romania.People believed that it was okay to cut down a tree, and that no one was going to miss it; and for a while this “nobody cares” practice was working, but soon enough others in the circle got cut, and the first signs that the trees were important started to show.From Europe came the idea of creating a model of earth education that would bring economic growth.In this paper I will focus on an educational program that brings ecological education back into schools.People had misunderstood the right of possession, a right that came without the support of specific education and without the clear understanding of what civic responsibilities mean in relation to forest ecology.The people, who had official documents to prove that that particular forest belonged to their ancestors, and that the communist regime took that property away, got that property back from the government.


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