Education Is A Right Not A Privilege Essay

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More people, including students, recognize that access to free, high-quality education is not only a human right that does not belong in the marketplace, but is also better for the economy and the society as a whole.

The actions of students at Cooper Union and around the world are stimulating important discussions in communities about whether we are going to treat higher education as a right for all or a privilege for the wealthy few.

Education shall be directed to the full development of the human personality and to the strengthening of respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms.

It shall promote understanding, tolerance and friendship among ... ...» (Article 26) Therefore it is important to work both for increased access and quality.

As a result, education has become entangled with big finance.

Education Is A Right Not A Privilege Essay Business Planning Workshop

Author describes private for-profit educational institutions such as Phoenix University as behaving like a criminal cartel that target poor and working-class students who are eligible for federally insured student loans, writing: They set up at welfare offices, hang out at laundromats in low-income neighborhoods, recruit at public housing units, and their ‘recruiters’ patrol the streets of distressed neighborhoods in automobiles or on foot, looking for vulnerable working-class bodies they can register for government cash.” some of big finance’s tricks: holding payments made online for two to four business days, which adds thousands of dollars in interest paid by borrowers over the life of the loan; if there is more than one loan, the one with the lowest interest is paid off first while the other accumulates interest; and they tell people that they are delinquent when they aren’t so that they can charge penalties.The right to education is a fundamental human right.Every individual, irrespective of race, gender, nationality, ethnic or social origin, religion or political preference, age or disability, is entitled to a free elementary education.Student activism is one more sign of a culture of resistance that is developing and threatening the abusive power structure.Education, like health care and other public goods, is under attack in the neoliberal agenda that treats everything as a commodity.Donald Trump and the GOP have doubled down on their campaign of hate and destruction.It’s not difficult to see that we all have to do more to stop it before it’s too late.Kevin Zeese is an organizer with Popular Resistance.Popular Resistance is our primary project, Its Our Economy, Creative Resistance and our radio show are all projects of Popular Resistance.In the 1960s, college campuses were the source of unrest seeking equal rights for women and minorities, environmental protection, an end to the Vietnam War and transformation of the economy. President Nixon’s education adviser, to the US Chamber of Commerce urging defense of free enterprise and noted, “a priority task of business – and organizations such as the Chamber – is to address the campus origin of this hostility.” He laid out a plan for big business to take control of the direction of the country.Regarding campuses, he highlighted the power business had over universities because they relied on “(i) tax funds generated largely from American business, and (ii) contributions from capital funds controlled or generated by American business.”.


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