Effects Of Procrastination On Grades Essay

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Procrastination means to not complete a task right away and often times done poorly at the last minute. If procrastination occurs in school it will create a chain reaction of negative effects.

Procrastination may get things done, but successfully? The chain will start with not having the task, homework, complete at the due date.

Stress will easily build up if chores are being put off.

To avoid being labeled as a procrastinator, according to an unknown author, “There are two rules of procrastination: 1) Do it today 2) Tomorrow will be today tomorrow.” The three main areas of a high school students’ life stated above, are the three worst that can be procrastinated.

With some teachers, it may cost the student some time after school, by being detained.

Poor grades will lead to a decrease chance of college acceptance, making it very difficult to pursue a desired career.As the house that was once neat and tidy is now very sloppy, there will not be very happy parents approaching the household.If chores put off until the last minute, the person is thought of being lazy.A lack of self-confidence in the home will lead to procrastination in the house chores that are required to be completed.If the chores are the types that involve cleaning around the house, that are not started, it will lead to a sloppy house.Sometimes I even bragged about it to my friends, saying something along the lines of: “I’m so lazy. But hey, at least the delay resulted in serious pain, the worst night of my life (a great story for another time! I also had to visit the doctor an additional five or six times… Procrastination also puts an unnecessary burden on our bodies and immune system by causing as boatloads of stress and other negative emotions. In any case, it’s my hope that examining the costs of procrastination will strengthen your commitment to overcoming this dreadful habit. Let’s look at its effect on the big three: health, overall achievement in life, and happiness. For starters, putting off treatments, colonoscopies, regular check-ups, and other visits to the doctor, means we might run into the risks of being too late to prevent a serious disease – maybe the cancer is already too advanced.Uhm, not exactly…Procrastinators are, of course, less happy than non-procrastinators. For one, procrastinators are less successful in most areas of life (health, wealth, career, relationships, etc.), so, no wonder they’re less happy than more accomplished people.In addition to that, procrastinators tend to be highly self-critical.The result becomes not playing the game or worse yet, not making the team.According to John Wooden “If you don’t have time to do it right, when will you have time to do it over?


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